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Thinking of getting a pool but not interested in the same old, same old look? We can help you with that. Here at our Dallas, Texas pool installation company, we have a team of designers that are ready and waiting to design a great pool for you before our pool contractors install it. Maybe you aren’t sure what type of design you want or maybe you wanted a fish-shaped pool ever since you were a young scrapper. Whatever the case may be, you can trust us. We have been called one of the best pool installation companies in Dallas, TX and we won’t let you down!

A backyard is a fun place to express yourself and what better way to be expressive than with your pool. Your pool doesn’t have to be a circle, square or rectangle! Your pool can be a star, a fish, or some other cute sea creature! You can have a jellyfish! Now, maybe those things don't speak to you either and you just want to have a strange bendy pool… that’s okay too! Whatever design you want, our designers will put it together for you! Once you approve and you like how things are looking, we will have our licensed pool contractors come and install your pool!

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Maybe you didn’t have any ideas when it comes to your pool, that’s okay! Sometimes we know we want something, we just aren’t sure how we want it! You want a different style of pool, but you just aren’t sure what type of design to go for! Well getting a pool design in Dallas, Texas is not difficult when you have our top designers design it for you! Once you give the okay for the design, our contractors will go ahead and get on with the construction!

When we install your pool, whatever shape it might be, you can trust that only the best materials went into making it. You won’t have a pool with a ton of cracks and imperfections. Your pool will be made using top quality materials and that will surely make you happy. You don’t have to worry when you go with our top rated pool company in Dallas, Texas. When we do anything, we always do our very best!All of our services are customizable and can be fit to your liking. Custom Pools are a large investment in your home or property, and we take that very seriously. We will make sure that any necessary HOA approvals are completed prior to construction and obtain any Phoenix pool permits needed form the city. You can have piece of mind knowing that our expert team of Pool Designers will build the pool above standards to avoid any costly fines that can be imposed when things are not built correctly. We will submit our pool design plans to the correct building department depending on where your property is. That is the beauty of working with an expert pool design company like Dallas Pool Builders - we take care of all the hassles and you get to enjoy your new pool!


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Our pool contractors are licensed, professional, and experienced. When you get your pool installed by us, you aren’t getting anything less than an amazing pool that will add value to your everyday life as well as value to your home. After deciding on your design with our designers, our expert pool contractors will install the pool for you and it will look just like how you thought it would. When you are in need of a pool company to come by your commercial or residential property and install a pool for you, Dallas Pool Builders are the ones to call!

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